How To Choose Wall Art for Every Room in Your Home or Office | WallassoA picture is worth a thousand words!

Buying new wall art is a big decision and every space in your home or office has its own unique qualities and demands for decorating. If you've been asking yourself, “how do I choose the right artwork?”, our ultimate guide to buying wall art for every room in your home or office can help!

Below, we've collected some professional tips and tricks on choosing the right artwork for any wall in your living space or work area. Our goal is to give you inspiration for your new decor! But if you already know the image you want and simply need help choosing the right material options for your artwork, check out our pro guide to choosing the right wall art print type. After all, every piece of Wallasso art is available as a canvas print, framed print, art print, acrylic print, metal print, or wood print. We also have a huge variety of sizes to choose from, because some rooms in a house require giant pieces while others require small, understated art. We offer the highest quality fine art photography, classic masterpieces, paintings, digital designs, vintage posters, comic book art, and much more.

Artwork helps define the personality of a space, so when decorating a home or office, how do you choose the right wall art? Above everything else, it's a personal choice! Our award-winning team of professional artists, photographers, and designers offer their own suggestions and recommendations for decorating with wall art, but at the end of the day, it's your space and your taste. As you shop, choosing wall art that matches your personal decorating style and your existing decor are of the utmost importance.

But if you do need a little decorating advice or a touch of help in choosing a new wall art print, we're here for you! You don't have to be an interior designer to get your space looking professional. You may simply be a homeowner looking for decorating ideas, and with our how to guide, finding the right artwork for any room in your house doesn't have to be a mystery.

Residential wall art is all about decorating a home to make it your own, but wall art for businesses means finding office décor designed for motivation and productivity.


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Wall Art for a Living Room | Wallasso

The Best Wall Art for Living Rooms
The perfect piece of art can transform your living room.

Living rooms and dens tend to have the largest available wall space anywhere in the entire home. They have the largest blank canvas in the house, so to speak. Because of that, they also have endless possibilities for art and can be the most fun to decorate.

Don’t be intimidated, though. And don’t feel too much pressure to make it perfect. Sure, this is the room that guests will most often see and the one they'll spend the most amount of time in, but experimenting and taking chances with décor is a huge part of successful interior design.

As with virtually all wall art in your home, you'll want to personalize living room artwork to match your individual style. After all, this is your home, so you should design the feel and vibe to match your own personality and taste.

You can choose one giant piece of artwork as a statement piece, several large prints that go together within theme, or you can create a dynamic gallery wall using many smaller pieces grouped together. Try switching it up - if your personal style is more traditional, don’t be afraid of a contemporary piece, and vice versa.

Also, don’t try to match the art to the colors of the room too much. Instead, try contrasting colors and hues. This will help the space and the art differentiate each other and play off each other rather than bleed together. They'll complement each other rather than getting lost in the drab aftermath.

Simply pick a palate, including one specific statement color, and run with it. No matter what color scheme you choose, however, the art in your living room should be bold. It should be a talking point and a conversation starter.

Whatever size or print type you ultimately decide on, Wallasso has it.  And the best part is that with our affordable prices, you don't have to break the bank. You can elevate your wall décor to a whole new level while staying on budget!

Recommended collections to shop for living room wall art:
Fine Art | Abstract & Modern | Walls, Windows, & Doors

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Wall Art for a Bedroom | Wallasso

The Best Wall Art for Bedrooms
The artwork you choose for a bedroom is particularly important.


The bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s where you go to relax, refresh and recharge, so your wall art prints should reflect and support that. In other words, good vibes only!

Unlike kitchens and bathrooms where wall space is limited, bedrooms usually have tons of real estate for large art pieces. Oversized wall art is perfect for bedrooms!

Soothing colors and subdued, desaturated prints are great choices, with abstract art and gentle landscape photos being the traditional options.

Whatever you choose for your boudoir, it should compliment the room without dominating it, so nothing too bold or striking here. Keep it simple, calm, and peaceful. This will be the first thing you see when waking up in the morning and the last thing you see when going to bed at night. It should be something you truly enjoy and don't mind having as that first and last imagery you see each day. It should evoke nothing short of comfort.

By following these simple suggestions you can rest easy knowing that you have the best wall art possible for your bedroom!

Recommended collections to shop for bedroom wall art:
Abstract & Modern | Boho & Dorm Room | Best Selling

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Wall Art for a Kitchen | Wallasso

The Best Wall Art for Kitchens
Here’s our recipe for perfect kitchen wall art!

Most people don’t think about art when they think about kitchens, but the right piece can be a cherry on top for your culinary decorating.

Kitchens are the heart of the home - social places that bring people together. Fun and quirky art works really well in kitchens. Bright colors and whimsical subject matter are fantastic because they lend a lighthearted feel to the area, keeping things easy and breezy without overwhelming. And, it goes without saying, that you can’t go wrong with food related artwork to perfectly complement the setting.

Because kitchens don’t typically have as much wall space as other areas of the home, we would recommend smaller pieces so as not to distract, overwhelm, or make your cooking space look too crowded. Also, take care not to compete with design details you may already have installed, such as backsplash, tile, lighting, appliances, etc.

If you have a high concept kitchen, art can be the perfect addition to solidify your careful and intentional decorating. Whether it's a retro, mid-century modern aesthetic or a rustic farmhouse feel, the right art can really complement your style.

Though not quite a kitchen, dining rooms can also benefit from wall art. Because these areas have more blank wall space, they can accommodate larger sizes. But be careful not to choose something that's too distracting. The whole point of a dining area is social interaction and, although the art can be a conversation starter, it shouldn't dominate.

Instead, choose artwork that merely acts as a jumping off point. This is a gathering of family and food, so choose something that evokes the feeling of coming together. We recommend finding a color palette that complements the colors of your dining table and other furniture in this room.

Recommended collections to shop for kitchen wall art:
Food & Kitchen | Pop Art & Retro | Patterns & Textures | Coffee & Bistro

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The Best Wall Art for Bathrooms | Wallasso

The Best Wall Art for Bathrooms
The restroom. The water closet. The loo.

Whatever you call it, the bathroom usually gets forgotten when it comes to wall art. But including artwork in a bathroom can really tie your decorating style together and make your interior design that much more cohesive.

Guest bathrooms should be fun and inviting, with bright colors and bold pieces. Intimate bathrooms, such as a master bath, should be more relaxing and serene. Much like the bedroom, your personal bathroom should be a sanctuary to calm yourself and de-stress.  

Small artwork makes the most sense because bathrooms typically have limited wall space. But you can still make a big splash by having two or more small pieces of art, all within a chosen theme. What those pieces lack in size they'll make up for in impact, having just as much of an affect as a single oversized art piece elsewhere in the home.

Bathroom wall art tends to look the best in pairs, while brighter, lighter color palates open the room up and give the illusion of more space. The right wall art here can make a typically small space look bigger and cleaner.

Recommended collections to shop for bathroom wall art:
Household | Beach & Ocean | Waterfalls

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Wall Art for a Hallway | Wallasso

The Best Wall Art for a Hallway

As you've probably noticed, hallways are a little tricky to decorate given their long, narrow design. Because of this, large scale pieces don’t work very well. The cramped, constricting nature of a hallway restricts the overall viewing space, making them difficult to appreciate.

Instead, we recommend small scale art and pieces with lots of detail. These make a perfect addition to the up-close and intimate viewing areas of a hallway. Also, because of the length of most hallways, gallery walls and eclectic art groupings are another great option. Many small pieces, rather than one large piece, will work together in harmony to help fill that space better.

If you have an awkward, empty wall at the end of a hallway, now's your time to go big. Make a statement with something bold; this will create a focal point, drawing the eye forward and helping to brighten the space.

Recommended collections to shop for hallway wall art:
The Jessica Contreras Collection | Walls, Windows, & Doors | Cities & States

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Wall Art for a Kids Room or Nursery | Wallasso

The Best Wall Art for a Kids Room or Nursery

With children's rooms or nurseries, you'll obviously want to choose appropriate subject matter. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for the same boring cliche's we've all seen a million times.

Sure, you can go with traditional pink and blue pastels or yellow duckies if you want to – there's nothing wrong with that – but why not branch out and try something different?

Perhaps a fun piece of pop art, an age-appropriate vintage comic book cover, or even a snowy landscape could give your child's room a decidedly different twist. You and your kid will both appreciate adding some unique wall décor to break up the monotony.

Recommended collections to shop for kids room and nursery wall art:
Art for Kids | Pop Art & Retro | Nature

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Wall Art for a Man Cave | Wallasso

The Best Wall Art for a Man Cave

The man cave, sometimes referred to as the man room, is a place to relax. A refuge to get away from it all and enjoy yourself. A place to unwind, a place to enjoy the things you love, and a place to hang out with the guys. We’re talking bro time at its finest.

The man cave is your castle - your sanctuary - so get creative and make it your own. In short, pick out wall art that matches your personal interests and style. Man cave decorating is all about cool, suave, stylish, unique, and niche. Maybe your style leans toward the rustic aesthetic of Ernest Hemingway, or perhaps the chic, mid-century coolness of Don Draper instead. Whatever it is, take it to max. Every guy is different and every style is unique, but a man cave is no place for subtlety.

The wall decor for your man cave should straddle the line between your own personal tastes and traditionally manly subject matter. Perhaps it’s sports, video games, hunting, motorcycles, vintage beer advertising, historic maps, vintage signs, old military photos, or something else entirely. From awesome vintage patents to kitschy old comic book art, or from classic Americana to old movie posters, just make it cool and make it your own. We recommend Wallasso wall art printed on metal or wood to really kick your decorating up a notch.

Recommended collections to shop for man cave wall art:
Vintage Comic Books | Patents & Blueprints | Sports & Games | Beer, Wine, & Alcohol

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Wall Art for a She Shed | Wallasso

The Best Wall Art for a She Shed


What about wall art for she-sheds? Surprisingly, it's not all that different from man caves. At least not in design theory.

Sure, the subject matter may change, but the main theme of personalization is still key to everything. She sheds, sometimes called chic sheds, should feature cozy furniture and lighting mixed with personalized décor. This, too, is your sanctuary and your place to relax. Make it your own; this is a place for yourself, not the family or the demands of everyday life.

Maybe that means it's an art studio to focus on crafting and creating, or maybe it's simply a place to relax with hobbies, reading a book, or listening to music. No matter what, comfort is key, ladies!

Recommended collections to shop for she shed wall art:
Flowers & Plants | Patterns & Textures | Trees | Beauty & Fashion

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The Best Wall Art for a Home Office

The Best Wall Art for a Home Office


Like so many other areas of the home, the name of the game when decorating your home office is personalization.

You'll want to tailor your work space with wall art that interests you, inspires you, and motivates you. You're going to want to choose artwork that mean something to you and only you.

Also, we recommend changing out this artwork often. The rotating gallery method will keep things fresh, which is a good way to promote hard work. A stagnate work area isn't conducive to productivity or motivation.

We also recommend lots of smaller art pieces to decorate your home office rather than one large piece. That small scale artwork can be changed and rearranged more easily and it isn't nearly as distracting as one big statement piece.

Recommended collections to shop for home office wall art:
Space & Science | People | Patents & Blueprints

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Wall Art for Businesses

Switching from residential to commercial, decorate your office space for motivation and productivity!

Wall Art for an Office | Wallasso

The Best Wall Art for an Office

Similar to choosing art for your home office, you're also going to want to focus on personalization for your work office. If you're decorating your specific work space, desk, or cubicle, make it your own. Tailor that area with wall art that interests, motivates, and inspires you. This will help keep the boring doldrums of everyday work at bay. The rotating gallery method works great to keep things fresh. Plus, due to the confines of a limited work area, you'll probably want to stick with smaller art pieces here as well.

If you're wondering how to choose art for your overall office on a larger scale, however, things begin to differ. Whatever art you choose should reflect the culture and vibe of the office as a whole. Finance and legal offices, for instance, should have an atmosphere of power, success, and direction. More fun and lighthearted industries, on the other hand, should reflect that cheerful environment in the art they choose.

Either way, you should pick a cohesive theme and stick with it for all of your office decor. If you want to create a serious, sophisticated environment, you probably don't want a quirky, out-of-the-box piece disrupting the atmosphere, and vice versa.

If you're wondering how to decorate for a business lobby or waiting room specifically, our interior designers recommend warm, welcoming art that still fits within the overall tone of the office. These pieces will be the first impression people get of your office, so you want something large enough to catch the eye. These oversized pieces will set the tone for your business and help guests pass the time by giving them something interesting to look at while waiting.

Medical offices can benefit from large, soft colored collections that reduce anxiety and help combat the feelings of a sterile and sometimes scary environment. Art that is soothing and calming, perhaps featuring pastels and light colors, will subconsciously promote positivity and suggest hope.

Boardrooms, on the other hand, will typically want to feature bold, striking art meant to convey confidence, power, and strategy.

Traditionally, offices tend to have dull, muted colors. By decorating with big, loud wall art you can help make things pop; this will liven up the environment, improve employee morale, and even increase productivity.

We recommend metal wall art prints and acrylic wall art prints to give your office a sleek, modern feel. But a clean, consistent décor featuring a cohesive and synergistic style is what matters the most.

Recommended collections to shop for office wall art:
Nature | Abstract & Modern | Architecture | Cactus & Desert | Flowers & Plants

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Wall Art for a Bar | Wallasso

The Best Wall Art for Bars
Bars and other drinking establishments have a particularly strong relationship with wall art.

Sure, people go to bars mostly for alcohol and socialization, but atmosphere and ambiance have an undeniable affect on customer satisfaction and loyalty. The right artwork can make or break a bar.

Pubs, taverns, and dive bars have a very specific aesthetic while college bars and sports bars have another. Upscale martini bars and lounges drive a wedge even further into those differences.

Pubs and taverns might benefit from antique and vintage imagery, keeping it dignified but relatable. Dive bars have a truly unique character and might consider something like vintage comic book wall art. College bars and sports bars lend themselves to automotive and athletic artwork, while upscale and lounge establishments beckon for contemporary art.
Whatever the subject matter, it's important to pick a theme for your bar and stick with it. Once you've done that, identify and celebrate your quirkiness and run with whatever makes your favorite watering hole unique. This means statement pieces to draw attention and reinforce the overall vibe of the place.

If your bar is dimly lit and moody, maybe go with rich, dark colors to keep that ambience going. Chic, upscale bars should feature brighter, more abstract work.

Recommended collections to shop for bar wall art:   
Abstract & Modern | Vintage Comic Books | Automotive | Sports & Games

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Once you choose your new artwork, you'll also have to choose the right print type. Every single piece of Wallasso art is available as a canvas print, framed print, art print, acrylic print, metal print, or wood print. Check out our guide to choosing the right wall art print type for help.

Ultimately, each piece of Wallasso wall art has its own individual aesthetic qualities and benefits. The choice of materials and presentation is dependent on 3 main things; the art itself, your personal style, and the qualities of the space it will be going into.

But no matter what artwork and print type you choose for your new wall art, we promise you're going to love it. All Wallasso prints are museum quality and assembled with precision craftsmanship. They are all produced on acid-free papers and printed with state of the art giclee technology using vivid archival inks that offer sharp detail and rich color guaranteed to last 75 years without fading. In short, Wallasso offers the best wall art at the best prices.

We have thousands of affordable wall art options just for you! Our award-winning team of artists, photographers, and designers have created and curated some of the best wall art available. Fine art photography, paintings, illustrations, vintage comic book art, and so much more. Our art comes in all shapes and sizes to fit your interior design needs, so you can truly get inspired by our huge selection. Plus, you can have peace of mind knowing that all of our products come with a 30 day money-back guarantee so you can buy with confidence.

Wallasso has 16 worldwide manufacturing facilities to produce your new wall art quickly and efficiently. We automatically route your order to the production center nearest to you, minimizing shipping costs and speeding up delivery times where possible.

Still have questions? Contact us and one of our friendly team members will get back to you right away.

Or start shopping now, great deals and everyday low prices on our massive selection are waiting just for you!